The last payment will be made on Monday; See who gets

This Monday (17), 4.2 million workers will receive the last payment of PIS Pass 2023. The salary bonus calendar, which refers to the 2021 base year, began in February.

The PIS Pasep value varies according to the time worked during the base pay year. Those who have worked throughout 2021 are entitled to the full amount of the allowance (R$1,320), while those who have worked less time receive the proportional amount. The minimum amount is R$110 for those who worked for one month in 2021.

Remember that Caixa Econômica Federal pays private initiative workers, while Banco do Brasil pays Pasep public servants.

On Monday, Caixa Econômica Federal will deposit money for 3,659,893 million people and Banco do Brasil will pay 544,228 civil servants.

To be eligible for PIS Pasep 2023, you must have worked for at least 30 days in 2021 with a formal contract and bonus amounting to a minimum wage, as well as being registered with PIS or Pasep for at least five years.

PIS Pasep 2023: Check the calendar

Salary bonus will be released, on Monday, to private sector workers born in November and December and public employees whose registration numbers end in 8 or 9. Check out the full calendar below.


  • January born: from February 15th
  • February born: from February 15th
  • March born: from March 15th
  • Born in April: from March 15th
  • May-born: from April 17th
  • Born in June: from April 17th
  • July born: from May 15th
  • Born in August: from May 15th
  • September born: from June 15th
  • October born: from June 15th
  • Born in November: from July 17
  • December born: from July 17


  • Final registration number 0: from February 15th
  • Final registration number 0: from February 15th
  • Final Registration No. 1: From March 15th
  • Final Registration No. 2: From April 17th
  • Final Registration No. 3: From April 17th
  • Final Recording #4: From May 15th
  • Final Recording #5: From May 15th
  • Final registration number 6: from 15 June
  • Final registration number 7: from 15 June
  • Final Recording #8: From July 17th
  • Final Recording #9: From July 17th

Consult with PIS Pasep

The query to see if you will receive salary allowance and what amount will be made in the Digital Job Card application or on the online portal

The Service Center of the Ministry of Labor, which answers 158, also provides information about PIS Pasep.

How to withdraw PIS

Caixa will deposit the PIS amount into a checking or savings account (for those who are bank customers) or into a digital savings account (for those who are not customers) and the money can be transferred through the Caixa Tem app. For those who already have a Caixa account, balances are added to existing accounts.

In cases where the amount of the salary allowance cannot be credited to a Caixa account or a digital social savings account, the worker can withdraw funds using the citizen card and password at self-service terminals, lottery outlets, Caixa Aqui correspondents and agencies.

To withdraw the PIS, workers with a registered citizen card and password can go to Caixa self-service terminals or to a lottery shop. If you do not have a citizen card, you can collect the amount at any Caixa branch, presenting an identity document.

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