Who came out of the great conquest? A double elimination turns the palace upside down TV News

Ricardo Vilardo and Daniel Tocco left the Manção de A Grande Conquista on Saturday (15), just five days away from the Grand Final, according to the survey. the news. The two feuded in the quadruple danger zone with Natalia Deodato and Thiago Cervo. After the double elimination, Record’s reality show turns inside out.

The first to leave was the actor, who received only 3.90% of the audience vote to remain on the programme. He, who seemed to be already waiting for the result, kept a sense of humor and made a request to Mariana Rios. “Give me permission to call your stylist, because he’s drooling,” Riccardo joked.

Then Daniel is told that his time is in fact up. The journalist thanked the audience for their affection, which made him survive four marbles. He said, “Maybe it was a little tiring in those danger zones in a row. I tried my best, I was honest, I sang, I smiled, I cried. God knows.”

However, those who are eliminated will not be far from the show. They return on Sunday (16) to take part in an audition that will bring together everyone who was eliminated from the palace – except for Faby Monarca, who gave up the reality show due to her mother’s health, and who ended up dying. Everyone will also be at the teacher’s last party, which is scheduled for Wednesday (19).

The first season of A Grande Conquista ends on Thursday (20). In addition to Natalia and Tiago, influencers Alexandre Sweta and Gabriel Rosa, former BBB Giselle Soares and retired Sandra Melquiades, mother of Fazenda champion Rico Melquiades, also follow in action.

New eliminations are scheduled for Monday (17th) and Tuesday (18th), which means four competitors will reach the decision – if there is no withdrawal or eviction in this final stage.