86 consumers have until the end of the month to redeem the prize

Photo: archive / Sefaz

The government of Rio Grande do Sul has informed that consumers who considered the NFG’s 127th Monthly Draw (Nota Fiscal Gaúcha), held in April 2023, have until July 31 to redeem their prizes. After this date, the deadline expires, and it will no longer be possible to submit an application.

According to the state government, as of Monday (17), 86 people have not received their prize money back, which adds up to R$55,000. Two prizes of R$5,000 are available to redeem for residents of Porto Alegre and Charquidas.

Six other people, residents of Novo Hamburgo, Fiamao, Erval Seco, Porto Alegre, Campo Bom and Pelotas, can still withdraw R$1,000 each. Other winners received R$500.

paying off Here is the list From potential consumers with a pending prize draw. You can apply by accessing location From NFG or through the Software application available for free download on Google Play and Apple Store.

How to make

  1. On the website or in the app, log in with your CPF and password.
  2. click in my awards and asked for redemption.
  3. Inform the data required by the system and wait for the prize to be provided.