In innovation, the function of quick access to files is being tested

A new homepage for Google Drive in its web version is being tested by users. The purpose of the new design is to suggest more related files and folders for faster access, saving people time by not having to resort to menus and grids in the “My Drive” category.

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As we mentioned new Planning It is still in the testing phase, which means that not all users can access the new model. In this way, those who are already enjoying the novelty are responsible for sharing feedback regarding the move to Google. If feedback from this initial phase is positive and pleases the public, the release will likely be offered to other Drive users.

What are the changes in the new Google Drive?

A tweet by Google’s own profile shows a GIF where you can see some changes in the new look. From the screenshots, we can see that a new button called Start has been added, where the Priorities tab currently resides. Moreover to update It also allows the user to access two new columns, which will automatically suggest files.

Suggested guide

In this new section, Drive will display a list of files it deems relevant to the user, explaining their reasons for listing them there. This way, you can check how many times the file has been opened, edited or uploaded recently. Moreover, the service Shows the location of the Drive and when the file was last accessed by the user.

activity guide

The new column will display a list of all recent activity on the document, including comments, access requests, and other actions. In it, it will also be possible to perform actions more quickly, that is, without having to go to “My Drive” or enter the notification sent from the Gmail mailbox.