legacy! 5 keys to a successful life that Steve Jobs followed to the letter

12 years ago we lost an icon, but his words and thoughts still resonate in our lives. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left a legacy of creativity, innovation, and leadership that continues to inspire many people to pursue successful lives. Columnist and author Jeff Hadden has selected five key lessons from careers that can be applied to success.

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5 keys to a successful life, according to Steve Jobs

1. Intelligence

For functions, intelligence goes far beyond memory or knowledge. It is about being able to see situations in perspective, and to make connections that seem obvious to you. This clear vision is achieved by living different experiences, which makes it possible to make more assertive decisions.

2. Leadership and responsibility

A leader cannot make excuses for failure. Jobs believed that success or failure depended on the actions of the individual, not just external factors. It is imperative that you take responsibility for your decisions and outcomes, and act with determination and focus.

3. Perseverance

According to Jobs, perseverance is the determining factor for success. It can be the key to overcoming challenges and achieving worthwhile goals. Skills can be learned, but it’s the determination to persevere that makes all the difference.

4. Entrepreneurship

Jobs encouraged everyone to try entrepreneurship, even if it was on the sidelines. Having something, taking responsibility, and learning from our mistakes enrich experiences that make us more complete.

5. The financial balance

Money is important, but for jobs, wealth shouldn’t be the only measure of success. He appreciated more doing what he loved and finding a purpose in his journey. Achieving a comfortable financial level is important, but it should not be the only goal to pursue.

Following the teachings of Steve Jobs can be a path to a more fulfilling and successful life. Intelligence, leadership, perseverance, entrepreneurship, and financial balance are key pillars that can guide us towards being content with our choices.