Rodrygo laments Santos fans’ protests: ‘We end up losing our magic for Brazil’ | pelleting

– It just doesn’t happen saintsIt happens in many places. We end up losing a little bit of the magic of Brazil. We grew up living in another country… You have the idea of ​​going back to Brazil one day, you’ll see it and start thinking and seeing with different eyes. It’s very sad, he said, but let’s hope it gets better.

Even at a great distance, the attacker continues to follow the club he has exposed. The situation is not the best, Rodrygo admits, but the striker believes Peixe will improve.

Rodrigo Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao – Photo: Mariscal/EFE

– I watch every match. Lately I’ve been struggling a bit, but I’m always in the crowd. There are some of the hardest, and it’s 2 or 3 in the morning and I’m already asleep, but then I’ll catch up with it the next day. I try not to touch on the topic (team moment) because it is rather delicate, but I always root – he added.

Rodrygo who left saints In 2019, he compared young players who left Brazil early with violent episodes involving fans.

– I always dreamed of playing in Europe and playing for Real Madrid. Sometimes the proposal comes along and you don’t want to leave yet, but with this situation you don’t even think about it anymore… For all guys, it just seems to get worse. This is why all players leave when the proposal arrives. She is trying to change thinking. Our football is very rich and could be much better – he made an analysis.

Qatar World Cup
– I think I did the World Cup well, I was doing well in matches, even in my elimination (against Croatia), those last four minutes came when we conceded the goal and then lost on penalties. Today I am surrounded by good people, they tell me what I want to hear. The new cycle has already begun. It’s about getting back on top and getting ready, because there’s so much more to come.

Batsman ordered against Croatia
– They were together. They (the technical committee) always ask. I was confident, I was always ahead of Real Madrid and I was confident at the time. They asked who was ready to hit, I was one of the first to answer and they already put me first. I would feel bad if another guy would bump into me and miss him. I accept criticism.

Fernando Diniz in the national team
– There are coaches that take longer so you can see the face of the team and others that you actually see at the start. I really believe in what Cansu says, and I really want Deniz to succeed in the national team. All the players who talk about him are talking about him very highly.

Ancelotti’s choice?
– I don’t know (laughs). I also wanted to know, everyone asks me that. I’m on vacation for 30 days, everyone asks me that and I don’t know how to answer.

Ancelotti case
– We (the Brazilians from Real Madrid) joked because we thought it was something that wasn’t going to happen, but out of nowhere it became news. We didn’t understand, was he saying those to play? He has a contract with Real Madrid and I know he will stay there and we will see later. I’ll get there in pre-season and the first thing I’ll do is ask him (if he’s coming to the national team).

Rodrigo Viene Junior Vinicius Junior Real Madrid Manchester City – Photo: Juan Medina/Reuters

Cases of racism in Spain
– It happened several times. We didn’t feel it had a lot of power, and it didn’t always resonate as well as it should. That match against Valencia was when everyone realized and saw the seriousness. It was very sad out there on the field. At the time I only saw the confusion, I didn’t see what happened, I asked Vienne and he said the guy had called him a “mono”. I don’t even like to say it because the other time I said it and the team there denounced me. It was a very sad day, we didn’t know what to do. They said we should have left the field, but inside the field it was hard, you don’t know what to do. But we saw how much strength and how many people hugged us.

– I definitely got it with me, I’m black too. Maybe I didn’t listen as well as Vinny did that day. very sad.

Have you thought about leaving the riyal because of the cases of racism?
– Vinny made no comment, sometimes in the heat of the moment he might think. I didn’t think about it, I don’t think about leaving Real Madrid. I know it’s complicated, but I want to face this situation with courage.

Relationship with Modric
– He’s so good. One day we were talking and Casemiro said he played against my father. Modric didn’t understand and asked how old my father was. I said he was 37 and he was 36 and he replied he was old enough to be my father and I should respect him (laughs). From that day I called him father and he calls me my son.

References in Real Madrid
Modric is a great leader, and he’s one of the leaders now too. There are some guys who just don’t show it, like Nacho and Cruz. They don’t talk much, but once you play you feel the drive coming from them.

Jokes with Modric after the missed penalty
– At first he respected me, and thought I was going crazy so he didn’t say anything. But there was a training session after the (World Cup) tied with its reduction and signed a penalty shootout. I went to take the penalty, he went to my ear and said, “Go, go, like against Croatia” (laughs).