The Blizzard developer celebrates joining Microsoft next week

Emotions seem to run high and Twitter has become a place many use to express their feelings. One of the last to speak out was a Blizzard employee, who said so Microsoft will hire him next week. Looks like the Activision Blizzard workers are all gone Science and merger is about to come out.

This is not surprising when you consider the recent impressive developments in the FTC-Microsoft related case. Every day that passes gets one day closer to a merger happening, especially now that the FTC’s appeals have been denied and the CMA appears to have given the green light to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision.

This message, in addition to being personal and celebratory to the Blizzard employee in question, symbolizes the sentiments of many in the video game industry who were eager to end this situation. Of course, in this case there will always be winners and losers, it is still a business arrangement and not all parties involved in the trial will get anything profitable out of the hearing.

Jamir Blanco’s testimony shows that there are many people working at Activision eager to know where this merger with Microsoft will take them. The community is also celebrating these days, waiting for, among other things, the arrival of Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass.

While we await the ideas that will blossom as ventures in the video game industry after this merger between Microsoft and the FTC, we can only continue to inform and compile the latest news from the gaming world and everything that is currently going on around it.